ThE)Android on the Magazine"Giochi per il Mio Computer"

Posted by Mafia on 12/01/2005 @ 14:18

ThE)Android on the Magazine "Giochi per il Mio Computer"

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ThE)Android & ThE)StefanH 1st and 2nd on Winter Assault Ladder

Posted by Mafia on 18/12/2005 @ 20:52

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New Ogame Tool Released (Translation by Mafia)

Posted by Mafia on 08/11/2005 @ 13:20

A nifty Ogame tool for calculating FleetSave, so far available in italian only, has been translated by me, so now the english version is available also, you can grab it here: Download Link.

Android ranked 4th at World Cyber Games in Singapore

Posted by Mafia on 19/11/2005 @ 16:47

Yes. It's official our 'National Android' ranked FOURTH at the World Cyber Games for Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, after easily passing the Group D and defeating the powerful german Left he loses to Select and win a 4th spot on the World Tournment. Way to go Andy! Next year we want you first!

Clan ThE) officially closes BroodWar and CounterStrike Division

Posted by Mafia on 01/11/2005 @ 21:49

A sad day at Clan ThE), but it's time to move on, we officially closed the "Brood War Division" and the "Counter Strike Division", simply because nobody of us is playing such games anymore and also because they're not competitive games anymore. As a side note though, I've been told by a friend that somebody took my and my brother's 'Historical Nicknames' that are ThE)Judge and ThE)Magistrate and they're pretending to be ourselves, well it's nice to be famous but somebody out there should really get a life I guess :)

Clan ThE) open up an Ogame Division on

Posted by Mafia on 05/09/2005 @ 18:52

Today we at Clan ThE) decided that we wanted to 'PWN PPL' on this simple yet addictive (Very) Real Time Strategy Game, so we created an Alliance on Universe 8 at, we are known as ThE)SpaceFed and this is our Logo.

Clan ThE) Won red|Code 4:1 On GameDrome

Posted by Android on 31/08/2005 @ 20:26

Today Clan ThE) defeated another clan on gamedrome, this time was the turn of red|code a very nice cw, with some trouble at the begginings but at the end everything was fixed and the cw finished 4:1 for us. GG.

Clan ThE) Won TE| 3:2 On GameDrome

Posted by Android on 13/07/2005 @ 17:24

Today Clan ThE) Defeated Team-Extreme on gamedrome, It was really hard to beat a good clan like TE| but at the end Clan ThE) won. Well played from Team ThE) Congratulations Guys I am proud of my "family" ^_^

Clan ThE) Won sCa 4:1 On GameDrome

Posted by Android on 13/07/2005 @ 17:24

Today Clan ThE) Defeated StarComa on gamedrome, an amazing Clan War against a really good team. GG Both Team

Gentlemen Start Your Engine, Gamedrome Start Today!

Posted by Android on 27/06/2005 @ 17:24

"Finally, it has begun, the first season of the DoW Clan League.  After a long and exhausting wait, we are set and good to go. SuperCow! has done an unbelievable job to get the code and system specially designed for us, in such a short amount of time, so we all owe him a huge massive thank you before we go anywhere. You can now find the list of rules, fixtures and anything else you need right here on the GameDrome site. " Posted By Lordmarine on Gamedrome.
Get ready Fellas!

ThE)Showtime interviewed on Gamedrome

Posted by Mafia on 03/07/2005 @ 14:24

ThE)Showtime has been interviewed by TE|Lordy, admin of the famous Gamedrome Clan League, if you want to read it you can find it in the Articles section.

New Clan Site Online

Posted by Mafia on 21/06/2005 @ 00:08

After months of hibernation due to holidays and exams, the new clan site is finally online. We have a great renewal project for the future, involving every single division of the clan but especially focusing on the most revolutionary RTS of the year: "Warhammer 40.000 -Dawn of War". Leaded by Android and Mafia, our dow team is getting better and better, we are back, and "Now is time to prove what we know to be true, that we shall conquer all".

ThE)Android Wins Italian WCG

Posted by Vlandmist on 19/06/2005 @ 16:40

Android strikes again! Another first and unquestioned position for one of our great team leaders, today Android won the National WCG qualifications. He managed to reach unbeated the finals, where he won for 2-1 vs one of the most well known RTS italian players since 1997, the mannered and very experienced MyDyingExarch. Congratulations to our Android, that won a free trip to Singapore and the opportunity of defending Italy's honour at WCG grand finals, in the upcoming November 2005.

Android Wins ESWC Italian Tournment

Posted by Vlandmist on 12/06/2005 @ 17:38

Today in Milan, one of our leaders Android, the best player of our DoW Division, won the National Tournment of ESWC, and a prize of 900 €. A smooth victory, with an outstanding tournament stats of 11 wins and only 2 losses. Way to go Android!

Android interviewed on DowSanctuary

Posted by Mafia on 17/01/2005 @ 10:38

ThE)Android has been interviewed by Glory, admin of the famous DowSanctuary about is past, if you want to read it you can find it in the Articles section.