Post 13 Jan 2008 02:49

Conquer Club

It's an Online RISK game - good for spare time playing.

RISK is a board game about conquest, for those who don't know. The objective of the game is to either control the whole map yourself, or co-control it with your partner(s) (you can have up to 3).

Thanks to many users and their creativity, the amount of maps since the Classic board game has expanded to ~50 different maps to choose from, varying in size, rules, and location (i.e., there is an Italy, Scotland, and France map, as well as locations that do not actually exist, but were made entirely from the users head).

Already a number of us from Ogame have gone there and begun to make ourselves known. Working with the moderators of the forums, I created a Team Usergroup for us (known as Team Bewbiez), joined a clan leader's group, and have put us through a tournament. We didn't win, but we did score a 4/10, while the opponents got the remaining 6, and since it was our first time out, I'd consider it successful.

I'm hoping some of you will take some free time to come over and check it out. The system of how to play is pretty simple to learn, and I'd love to see some SpaceFeds join with us.

See ya all later mates.
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