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Recent Discoveries Published By My Secret Labs




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Post 25 Sep 2007 05:32

Recent Discoveries Published By My Secret Labs

In my secret labs hidden in the depth of the Black Mountain, I have been studying invo's brain for quite a long time now.

I was overwhelmed and nearly stunned :o when I first opened his head in order to study his brain. I have found the most

exciting phenomena of this century. Instead of finding a brain, I found a thread, that got me wondering actually, I mean

this is a first in the community of human science and it could be the my chance to fulfill my dream and win the Nobel Prize in

Science. This could be my ticket to be a Famous Scientist.

Scientific magazines will spread My discovery and I will be famous all across the world.

Yesssss I will be famous :) .

After submitting his head to x rays and specific experiments I ended up with no Clue which actually got me worried since

I might not be able to fulfill my dream.

I performed few more experiments on what was that thread for, not to mention the weird phenomenon, the absence

of what we all humans have but invo doesn't, "the absence of Brain".

Well I had no choice but to have another sample of that thread, in order to perform one more experiment, but I ended up

cutting the thread by mistake :?.

For a while there I thought that my dream will remain a dream :( , but when I accidentally gazed at his head his ears weren’t

there:S, that thread was holding his ears from falling... I have discovered the Most retarded person on earth of

all times I think I will win the Nobel Prize at last. :D :D :D :D


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Post 25 Sep 2007 06:43

very creative, i enjoy surgery

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