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Unofficial Ogame Banning Policy



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Post 11 Sep 2009 18:59

Unofficial Ogame Banning Policy

For all those interested, I'll share something I learned during my years at Ogame's. There is a set of rules, and if you go against them you will be sooner or later, get banned. Getting out of the ban is an entirely different story.

One could think it depends on which rule has been broken or on how many connections to the staff one may have, but these are not the only two factors (even though they are major factors).

One important factor is "How famous/popular is the player banned?" Is he well known by the general ogame population? Is he english speaking or can't he utter a word in english? Does he post regularly on the ogame boards? Banning him may unsettle a large portion of regular players? These are the questions one should ask. And this is also the reason why we have all seen entire (cheating) alliances wiped out all of a sudden that didn't come back (See: Hellas in uni8 or Turks and Russians in u18), they are closed communities they only talk between themselves and rarely interact with the others either ingame or on the official boards; on the contrary alliances such as Jebus are not only well connected but also very present in all the places where it counts, that's why you see plenty of them occasionally banned and then unbanned.

So in a few words, wanna keep playing and never get banned, go make a name for yourself, it may come in handy someday :-)

Disclaimer: I do not condone nor encourage any form of cheating.
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Post 11 Sep 2009 19:11

True Bro. you have a point there.

I was banned few times, and unbanned only coz they "staff" knew my name and I spend some time on IRC with them talking, giving them another picture of me, not one they knew from boards.

But I also was't afraid to go public and defend my self in long posts, when I was unrightfully attacked by Staff. We bout are witnesses that few times we managed to shake boat and make other ppl not related to us to come up in our defense when they saw staff miss doing.

No one was so loud as we SF against Staff irregular subjective decisions, but eventually we saw that we cant change system.

But it was good to know that over past years we made them change few game rules, more than once, since if it was not written it is allowed. :D



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Post 16 Sep 2009 06:43

This is a very sad but very true statement!

I know this first hand as being a former GO I have accidentally broken minor rules occasionally and merely got a message from the Uni's GO telling me about it and to be more careful. Never of course have I made a major violation but my status in the game prevented me from getting several smaller bans which could have led to a long one.

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