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Interview with M A F I A

Like you said sir, on your forum i post :)

Oki Please answer these question M A F I A and if anyone has any other question then that's cool to:

1- How did you start ClanThE)? Why? And with who?

ClanThE) as a Multiplayer Gaming Community was founded long ago, around 5 years ago, ThE) were born on Starcraft (a famous RTS) and developed into several other games in time. SpaceFeds instead, were found in Uni8 more than a year ago and are right now present in Uni18 as well.

2-Why did you leave uni 8 in which you first played?

That's a complicated matter that I cannot answer entirely. My original reason for retirement there, was because I moved in with my girlfriend and I had no more internet connection, my reason for not coming back instead was that we were facing opponents that were resorting to uncommon unfair means to prevail over the war, I won't go into details, but you can't "live" in an universe were general fairness is not common.

3-How did you find uni 18(and how do you find it now )?

At first of course, I didn't know much about it, I joined it with a brand new account that I upgraded it only once in favour of a 860th ranked account, while trying to understand who was who, I had my fun reaching Top100 on my own legs, on first glance though Jesus were definitely above everyone else, at the time I joined U18 they had double the points of the second ranked and now they are still the #1, but point difference with us that are ranked #2 isn't that terrific anymore.

4-After the 20 RIP kill, The front has been especially quiet except a few HoF for spacefeds .Why-in your opinion- is that ??

Well it seems things begun to change, the retirement of Hunter was the first signal that our opponents were falling apart, Capt. Jack, that inherited Hunter's account proved himself uncapable of running a fleet-heavy account such as Hunter's. And Jumpgate, the other leader of URF lost his sparkle. On the other hand, we continued growing steadily, climbing the ranks and recruiting so we gained the upper hands in the SpaceFed Wars. Also, on the other front with WZ, it appears they overestimated URF's protection when they co-declared, the point is, if URF are somehow around our level, WZ are way below it, they declared seeking for a quick victory against a top alliance and it is resulting in a total defeat for them, they certainly paid the higher price of these wars.

5-The last damage count was 29/01/2007, again why is that?

Well, at first we were all damage counting, but since we didn't agree on any damage limit with URF, it became pointless, especially since most damage was dealt on defences that rebuilt. We decided then to concentrate on their fleets and permanently removing their points, this strategy paid off, since we are now solid 2.000+ points above them.

Vlandmist: we stopped counting damage because we found its inadequacy in order to describe the war course. I personally think that the counting system is wrong, because a very nice war hit like an HoF or a fleeting crash can be very easily countered and surpassed, damage taken wise, by a very easy defence bash..
But while a defence bash is no more than an annoyance to any good player, losing the fleet is always a very big problem, at every rank.

6- What do you think of SpaceFeds Members ?

I think that I have been blessed with a very good team. I didn't do much besides founding SpaceFeds and personally handpicking every member of Leadership. They all proved to be more than capable I could not have made it without them. I am especially grateful to Memeth, Sys (Retired), Vlandmist, Lindemann, TommyGun and Veteran; the leaders of Uni18. As for regular members, except a few that proved to be unworthy, vast majority of SpaceFeds knows how to handle their game, and especially how to cooperate for a successfull teamwork.

7- Who would you rate the best?

Vlandmist: It is not an easy task to find the "best player" in SpaceFeds. We are very lucky to have among our ranks some of the best skilled players of the universe, but I would like to remember here and now our great Veteran because he has made the best war hit until now, the 20rips kill vs Cpt Jack [URF] and he deservers a special mention for it.

8- Future plans for SpaceFeds? More wars coming up?

You know, when I joined Uni18 I made two promises to my fellow brothers, that I would have ascended to top100 with my lousy account, and I did, and that I would have brought our alliance to the top, and we are almost there. SpaceFeds are always plotting something, in the near future though nothing seems to be on the horizon, in the mid-term, well, you will see :)

9- How are SpaceFeds organized internally?

We have a sort of "Pyramidal Organization", at the top of it there's me, I am aided into every decisions by my "Leadership" that's made of personally handpicked players of proven loyalty and skill. In general everyone in SpaceFeds has the right to speak and to be listened, despite the appearances it is not a Tyranny, but it is also true that sometimes decisions are over-ruled by the higher ranks. The strong point of our organization though, it is that it's not everything centered on me, having 10 capable persons in the leadership make it so that if one retires or V-mode for long time, the organization still works fine. Also, we have Two Wings, (SF Mafia and SF Delta), since we tend to accept everyone that wants to join up, we send them either to the Main SpaceFeds or one of the Wings, accordingly to their score. Being in one of our wings means that you will find veteran clanmates trying to teach you the basics of Ogame and helping you out when you are in need; of course if one candidate proves himself unworthy (e.g. Refuses to fleetsave) it will be kicked.

10- How would you describe the atmosphere of players in uni 18?

The most visited "public place" is the HoF forum and the diplomacy forum... So a lot of players know each other there. What I like of Uni18 is that a lot of players are not only pretty skilled players, but also interested in the wars and the politics of the universe. So there are a lot of unofficial friendships and alliances and they help mantaining a certain balance.
The negative side of this is that if often ends out in a very big flame war on the forum this kind of "gaming competition" and that provides hard work for the moderators ;)

11- Who is the URF that you most value?

I greatly esteemed Hunter. I think he was definitely the best of the clan. He was very active and had a lot of time to dedicate to this game, that is why his results were impressive. Now without him, I think that the best player in the clan, skil wise, is Megatron, even if we haven't heard of him lately..
On the other side, I found quite a shame that a prestigious top10 account was entrusted to Cpt Jack.. his recent rank drop proves I was right.

12- Opinion on war: will it end soon?

That's a tricky question. My experience thought me that war born out of pride might last endlessly, this is helped by the Rules of Warfare that are somehow not precise enough. Anyway I do not exclude anything since the future is not entirely into my hands :)

Vlandmist: this war has no a "damage limit"... that means that I personally think that it will go on for a very long time..
No side would accept a surrender, because of the pride that mark the clan leaders, no one excluded.
The only end that is see in a near future would coincide with a leader change, but that is not going to happen in SF for sure :)
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