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NAP's and Alliances in uni 8

it has come to my attention that on out alliance page we have the following:



AON #2
Anzacs #3



so i wondered what was going on with people being hit by NSA(W) and i was scanned by bakis(UW) :o

so i messaged the respective people and this is what i got:

01-23 17:33:23 Kerberos [1:51:5] Re:no subjectanswer

Hi Srini,

UW members had discussed that issue long time ago but there was never given such an answer to Spacefeds. There is no official NAP or alliance between us. It is up to each member to decide.
The only reason that may lead someone to such a decision is our common enemies, but again we have not agreed to an official statement such as a NAP or Alliance.


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01-23 08:43:56 TTX [1:69:5] Re:no subjectanswer
Hello. We don't have alliance or NAP with Spacefed. We were allies months ago but it was dissolved.

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so unless you have any personal dealings with either alliance, i think it is fairly safe to say that you can hit them... but please make sure that it is for PROFIT only!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

your comments are appriciated :D

to the leaders with access to the alliance page... please do the needful and remove the names.