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(HoF 20% TD: 9.584 K) - TheOne vs Lord Albert



Post 02 Nov 2006 11:06

I took the liberty not to post on the board all my CR because i do so many each day around 30 and many of them are very small so i not post here any CR that are below 500k captured resources or basic 20% HoF because this will be only unnecessary spam on this section.
Now i post my last basic 20% moon chance with no moon off course. Recyclers are under way now and i will edit this post when they gather the debris field. I use so many fighters because there i have too few battleships and cruisers there and loses could be much larger than the profit.

At these space, as it came to a battle:

Attacker theone SpaceFed(X:XXX:XX)
Weapons: XXX% Shields: XXX% Armour: XXX%
Type: L.Fighter Cruiser Battleship
Total: 10.000 200 140

Defender Lord Albert SMD(X:XXX:XX)
Weapons: XXX% Shields: XXX% Armour: XXX%
Type: S.Cargo L.Cargo Battleship Esp.Probe Sol. Sat R.Launcher H.Laser Gauss Ion C. S.Dome L.Dome
Total: 10 57 116 10 34 101 9 14 25 1 1

After battle...

He captured
44.105 metal, 28.927 crystal and 51.600 deuterium.

The attacker lost a total of 728.000 units.
The defender lost a total of 8.846.000 units.
At these space coordinates now float 1.664.400 metal and 882.600 crystal.
The chance for a moon to be created is 20 %.

-- Created by Takana's CR Converter v1.930 beta - Dragon Takana --

Your 100 recycler(s) have a total cargo capacity of 2000000. At the target, 1.6644e+06 metal and 882900 crystal are floating in space. You have harvested 1117100 metal and 882900 crystal.I go for a seccond run at that debrie i hope will be there to harvest.
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Post 02 Nov 2006 11:24

You are free to post whatever you think it's worth sharing mate. Anyway if you make a HoF you should open a new thread so I can move it to the hof board.Whereever you open it, you title it correctly, a moderator will spot it and move it to the appropriate forum, correct titling is:

(HoF 20% TD: xx.xxx K) - Name1 vs Name2

Where TD is total damage of course.


Now, regarding the HoF, congratulations :))
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Post 02 Nov 2006 14:20

well done! congrats,
yes i only post hits of note or small hits to laugh about vs our enemies.

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