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Tutorial: How to check if a Player is Online

Ok one of the most surprising thing u may want to know is that it is almost guarateed u know if sm1 is online by using the technique I will explain below. Have faith in it.. Do not fear to lose millions of deut at the slightest can save u from ninja attempts... also it will prove to the other player u are not a noob.. surprisingly enuf many will ask u why u recalled!! laugh.gif

When a player is online... this is what he will do..

He will want to look at his overview. This is natural instinct of any player. As soon he does this.. a star appears on the planet he is currently watching.

::: so if u plan to hit a good target spend some time looking for all his planets position and note it down on a paper.. He may be using one of his colonies as outpost to watch the overview. Players who put all their planets in one solar are very foolish... now u know why laugh.gif

So u will now observe the star.

Now how to differentiate between a simple spy and this one?

Simple.. u may want to start a stop watch as soon u see a star.. if it takes longer than 15 mins to disappear the player is 90 % certain online.

Also while u send a fleet to a planet ..keep watching this star if it appears.

Also during spying..normally lots of other planets get spied as well.. so if u see several planets having a star in one solar maybe sm1 just spied all the planets. So if u r a bit late if there is a good target.

Also if u see a very good target and a debris having only 900 crystals means sm1 has already recyclers underway to attack it. If u r near the target...U shud try to send recyclers there as well... just in case. Send 100-150. This is called stealing laugh.gif This happens rarely..but I better tell u how do it now... biggrin.gif

Any player can steal. U dont have to be strong or weak. So next time u see a debris with 900 crystals close to you, spy it. If u see a fleet, send recyclers..just in case. Ur recyclers may arrive quicker than the other player.

Now what happens if sm1 has a moon?
This gets a bit complicated. No star will appear if the player is looking at his galaxy view from his moon. So now you need to spy his moon. Spy moon by sending fleet manual method. <Change> Remember u cannot build mines on moon. So now observe his deut level. If it falls by huge numbers of multiples of 5k.. this guy has been phalanxing people. maybe urself. If his deut falls by 10 or multiples of this..this guy has been looking at his g-view only.

Now a very very experienced player will have zero deut on his moon! smile.gif
He may put his fleet there.. And wait for sm1 to hit it and plan a ninja. [U can also try to ninja sm1 by using ACS.. simply tell sm1 to send a defend fleet quickly just b4 the other player's fleet arrives. U need to have good depots to contain a defense fleet.] Now back to the deut .... ur highly experienced player will have at least 5000 probes that he willl use to put deut on his moon and remove it.. As soon his deut arrives he phalanxes u ..he looks a soon he sees ur probes coming on espionage..he moves all his probes + all deut on deployment to a distant colony at reduced speed.. So there is no deut. Remember u cant phalanx a moon. So even if he has a moon, he cant see ur fleet manouvres. Its a certain ninja if a player has 2 moons far away. With jumpgates.. u can phalanx ppl very easily. Just put a very big fleet on the other moon and use it for ninja by baiting with the other fleet on the other moon.

Now, when to send ur fleet wen u have a guy with very big fleet + moon nearby.. dry.gif ?

This is a problem. If I have a moon, I will look at g-view, as soon I see a star>>I guess that player may be online.. so I phalanx him regularly. As soon he sends fleet on attack.. I wait for his return journey from attack.. then using phalanx tool.. BINGO..send ur fleet on phalanx. U have a HOF for the night laugh.gif

Now that u know what a player can do to u.. be careful wen u send big fleets on attack. SPy the moon of the bigger players regularly to look for deut change. U see deut change.. =he is online. So dont send ur fleet today. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING.

Of course the trade off for this security is that even if he is online ..u might have sent ur fleet without him noticing! But if u spied him u cant attack this way:: ninja.gif


U may as well spy quickly sm1 who has just spied u. Many times they have their fleet on their planet at that time. So u immediately know the size of his fleet.

Hope this helps.

~bY VTX~