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Earn Your Black Belt - Combat Training

Is this a good Idea?

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Post 10 Oct 2006 13:01

Earn Your Black Belt - Combat Training

Recently I Achieved my Black Belt in Taekwondo. I thought maybe a similar grading system could be applied to ogame. How? you may ask. For each "grade" you will be asked to achieve and demonstrate certain skills, like ninja, reverse ninja, and other skills, gradually increasing in complexity until you achieve Black belt, Since spacefed are already at high skills status the first belt tasks will be relatively difficult. All you need is one alliance mate to practice with and some spare fleet slots. Ideas for tasks may be posted here as well as comments or feedback.

to achieve yellow belt you must demonstrate the following ability.

1 - 2 second ninja an attacking ship with ships on the same planet

2 - 2 second ninja an attacking ship with ships from another planet

3 - ninja phalanx a mates returning fleet, If you do not have a moon, get your mate to tell you the time of arrival.

Note : attacking ships can be e-probes set at different speeds set on espionage


Post 10 Oct 2006 17:22

Great job on the black belt vet! I was in Tae Kwon Do for awhile, but had to quite. I was getting ready to test for red belt which for our dojo was 1 belt away from black.

The tasks seem a little difficult to get yellow. I know it should be but I haven't been attacked for awhile.


SpaceFed Lt.General
SpaceFed Lt.General

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Post 10 Oct 2006 20:06

congrates on the belt mate. I got my Black belt a few years ago and i know how much effort you must have put into get yours.

I like the idea but im not sure how fessable it's going to be.

Also some tasks that are set are not they way some of the members play. not all of us are fleet crashers.

I think the idea needs alittle more development. but hey thats what this these threads are for.


SpaceFed Captain
SpaceFed Captain

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Post 10 Oct 2006 20:22

Congrats on getting your black belt, must have taken a lot of dedication and effort.

As Memeth said; as not all people are fleet crashers, to make this idea better, perhaps you could create different goals for different styles to play:

For example, if you're a crasher you have to make a certain percentage crash depending on your fleet rank. If you're a miner you have to reach something like 2 million metal production a day, or if you're a turtle; you have to get a certain amount of rocket launchers or something.

It could be a great idea if it's expanded upon.


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Post 10 Oct 2006 20:49

Very nice idea Veteran; also in the combat training you might want to include Phalanx HoFs (depending on how many seconds), Ninja HoFs etc...
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SpaceFed Lt.General
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Post 10 Oct 2006 23:40

Love the idea, I need to expand my 'skills' in this area, lol.
It'd come in handy. Just some expansion, and ready to roll. :)

Congrats on ya belt, lol - I was right about comment in 'photos' :D
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Post 11 Oct 2006 06:29

This is how i thought it out, mostly this game is about timing so for task 1 get some one to e probe you once at 10% then time the second e probe to land 2-3 seconds later (or before), you simply have your fleet return to ninja the second probe. so the "attacker" will see 2 different reports and say "successful". Its all about timing skills etc.

the second task you simply do the same thing but deploy a ship (e-probe) from another colony to land before the second probe. I will write another tutorial if i have time on how to "time" flights/attacks etc.

the third task all you need to do is set your e-probe to land 2 seconds after your mates fleet arrives, your mate will see your "e-probe" trace his fleets flight by 2 seconds.

i might have some time to go through one or two of these with players, also http://o-calc.com/ can help

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